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Fiberglass Wall Panels


Fiberglass Wall Panels


TOTALStone Product: Panel Ladrillo London


The Evolution of Coverings by TOTAL Panel System


TOTALStone Product: New Colour Ocher Laja Stone Panel


TOTALStone Laja Stone Panels

TOTALStone launches new colours for the Laja stone panels

On of our most popular stone panel from TOTALStone range gets refreshed with more colour options for a texture where elegance is its main goal. Different ochers, greys and browns tone colours gets mixed to give more character to the Laja stone panels, with nature as an inspiration.This new colour palette it is included in the new totalstone product range, keeping the old one too, to increase our wall covering selection


Alpina Stone Panels – TOTALStone


The Alpina Stone Panels belong to the TOTALStone line from TOTAL Panel System. Due to their colours variety we can use them for rustic or traditional environments, obtaining warmth, elegance and comfort, and also for others more modernist, bringing a more contemporary touch. The Alpina Stone Panels enable a perfect integration in an interior space and an exterior one.

Thanks to their strong composition of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass and natural stone oxide, we get a high resistance, a long durability and a totally realist appearance, with the typical Alpina Stone texture.

Another advantage of these panels is their lightness, enabling an easier and more practical installation.

Available in five colours:


            M3/M-236 Multicolour Alpina Stone

            M3/M-237 Ochre Alpina Stone

            M3/M-239 Grey Alpina Stone

            M3/M-233 Black Alpina Stone

            M3/M-234 White Alpina Stone

New TOTALStone Model: Dark Slate Panel


SIDIM 2012


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